bonvivant tuesday: i like my man like my steak....

i’d love to become a vegetarian....
sadly…i like meat.  a lot.  and so does mr c.
so realistically the chances of that happening are...slim to... not a chance in hell.

however, since our glutinous pleasure is evidently more important than defenseless, tortured animal souls…we felt it important to at least educate ourselves as to where our food was coming from. so mr c and i decided to watch food inc…. and the way in which I look at “food” was forever changed.

if you would like to continue eating your feces ridden, sunlight deprived, corn fed, over crowded, from egg to meal in 30 days, hormone injected, breasts so big they keep falling over chicken....then spare yourself the torture of the film.  if however, you feel you owe something to the countless, mooing, clucking, oinking, meowing (depending upon where you live) lives whose unpleasant and untimely demise you contributed to…then it's worth a watch.

but even as eye opening and informative as the documentary was and as unregulated as the industry is, i know i will still not go totally tofu.  so weak, i know.  that said, i have been sucked in to feeling slightly redeemed and better about my karma, my choices and my carne, by simply buying organic. i am even going so far as to make sure my eggs and milk are hormone free...because as much as i’d like to be a solid c cup…i’d prefer to do it without the help of dr. general mills

so tonight when I cook up a big, fat, juicy steak for bonvivant tues http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Rib-Eye-T-Bone-and-Strip-Steaks-Cut-Over-One-Inch-358670…don’t think for a sec that i won't send up a little, "thank you cow spirit for giving up your life so that i might enjoy a nice meal", prayer. don't think for a moment that I won’t feel bad about my dinner choice.…I will…just not bad enough to pass up a 12 ozer.

wonderful and amazing, temple grandin

oh and as you're knawing on your yummy, beefy love, sipping a nice, balanced glass of red, check out the following.... http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10036/1033610-67.stm  you might just feel a little better about being a meat eater...

mrs moooooo

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