spirit sunday: my religion

in your light i learn how to love.
in your beauty, how to make poems.
you dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,
but sometimes i do,
and that sight becomes art.
~ rumi

rumi...he's kind of my religion

the ability to say so much so succinctly. ..leaves me mystified and awed.  i sat with those words for awhile as i started at the bay and wondered; to what or to whom he was referring when he says "your light" and "your beauty"? 

the universe, nature, a lover...something else completely? 

i adore this poem precisely because all three answers are correct.  i am fascinated by it because it makes me consider another possibility.   i am struck by it because it inspires me to be open to whatever unexplainable thing evokes such passion in another.  it is inside works like these...that i find my spirit on a sunday...


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