ahh crap

yesterday morning i work up and felt a little like this…

no particular reason other than i hadn’t pooped in about 4 days. kind of a crappy story, so I won’t bore you. get it…. crappy. har, har. snort.

anwhooo. i wasn’t feeling too spiritual on my sunday. so in light of my decidedly non spiritual vibe and my ongoing poo issues i’m late on my post. yep, yesterday i didn't even attempt to find my spirit…instead today, i am going to share the greatest poo blog of all times and hope that by embracing my phobia/neurosis of restroom related activities...i might make friends with it and all will eventually be well in poodome.

from my favorite petunia  http://petuniafacedgirl.blogspot.com/2008/09/open-letter-to-lady-with-turquoise.html .   one thing though petunia face….as offensive as your coworkers lack of b-room etiquiutte is don’t be so damn cute and assume you corner the market on office stall faux pas….in my office we have our own version of the turquoise sandal lady except ours wears shoes that squeak when she walks and she talks to herself in the stall.

oh and this….this too made me a feel a little bit better on sunday....from the great hyperbole and a half (the kitty tush above is also H and 1/2)....i just found her and she rocks.

meows & fish kisses ~ mrs m

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