hint hint mr c

so it's friday.  a hot summer friday and we have summer hours...so i'm free at 3.  f-yeah.

todays far flung...the cottages at cabot cove in kennebunkport, maine http://www.cabotcovecottages.com/.  i fell ass-over-elbows for these cottages when i saw them showcased in coastal living mag back in 2006...and i have loved them ever since.  in fact, when mr c and i started planning our wedding, this was one of the places we researched.  each of the 16 cottages were decorated by different interior designers, so no two are the same and they are all uniquely charming in a lime green hobbit meets martha stewart kind-o-way.  and at just 267 sq feet mr c is always a short booty tap away.

imagine....after a day strolling through town (me in a really cute nautical-esque ((but not nauseatingly overblown nautical of course)) sundress and mc c in plaid shorts and a handsome button down with say, a jaunty sailboat on the pocket), eating lobster and perhaps a little evening sail, i see us reclining in adirondacks on our petite, private patio, a crisp, white wine in our hands, a picnic of overpriced french cheese and fruit before us and a little color in our cheeks.  oh mon amour...

ain't life grand.

friday love~ mrs m

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