special combined edition!! relationship wed and thursdays child....in one tell all blog. craptacular!

nothing upsets my mind and soul like when my nest is a mess. except perhaps when there is a horrific crap convergence: boxes piled everywhere and como hair tumbleweed reminders floating under chairs, the mental struggle of whether to take the cute side tables with the little doodlies hanging off or deposit them on the steps of goodwill, excruciatingly brutal work....

 impending move, stomach funk and my dear ole cat taking the big dirt nap. needless to say, the last few weeks have been craptacular ( just saying that gloriously, descriptive word puts an itsy smile on my face….craptacular, craptacular, craptacular. 1,000 more times, and you might get a full smile).

change something!!!
4 months into marriage and mr c and me have just about all the stressors the big fancy pants psychologists say create the most strife: move, job change, death…in short, my mind is as cluttered as our house and it’s time for a serious mind cleaning. actually, not just a cleaning, a sweeping mind renovation. as of today i am going to dust out the cobwebs and repaint my mind a soothing shade of green, hang some positive, new mental art and light a kick ass happy candle. i am putting a gargoyle at the door to keep out the blues and i am going to remember that all stress is relative and i am better than stress (i mean on a stress scale of 1-10...mine can't be all that bad). i can’t control which wine glasses break during the move (because one always does, right?) or what our landlord will or won’t do, where my next paycheck will come from or when i’ll find another group of girls to start supper club #3 with….but i can control my mind.....or at least i’d like to think i can…plus mr c and i are doing this together….and together....well, together is what this marriage thing is all about....

the new and improved...taking things with a grain of salt, a margarita and a laugh
~ mrs m

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