e = mc what?

last week i enrolled in a finance class at villanova.

“finance”, you say….with a frown (and for those that know me….considerable worry...).


because after all….it’s finance. what is left to say?

i tried. really i did.
finance sounded responsible. it sounded so prudent. it sounded oh so thought through, so very main line and planned. it was, the logical next step….
finance leads to mba…mba leads to degree….degree leads to…..more of the same….

and there she was…

there was my future, sitting on the table before me with a bottle of cheap tequila in one hand, a riveting principals of finance book in the other and a rather disgusted look on her face.

and instead of soaring my heart did a rather ungraceful flop into the pool of my imagination…
and promptly sank.

so today…i grew some cajones. i withdrew from finance and enrolled in a writing class.
and i am ebullient.

life is after all..too short and if i don’t try….i’ll never know.

muah ~ m


Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

fyi...i'll read every word :)

karinaacton said...

Glad I read this. We are planning to take one but writing sounds so much more fun!