color me happy

this time of year more than any other
.....the world is draped in color
it's all around us

everywhere we look a proliferation of
white lights and colored lights
twinkling lights and blinking lights
red bows and green wrapping, 
gold orbs, silver stars
brown mangers and purple ribbon 
....white snow.

we decorate our yards, our homes
windowsills, mantels, doors, offices, cars, trees
evey available surface
is festooned with all the spectrum's of the rainbow.

and it's awesome
there is something fun and therapeutic and magical about
lights on evergreen branches....
just because

but what about us?
what if
we had another month where we also decorated...
but that month we decorated souls?

what if we took a month to paint the most vivid colors of our mind
to let our creativity flow onto the canvas of our life
to mix colors with abandon
to get a little messy
to see each others inner reds and blues
to splatter and drip
to run our fingers through vibrant yellows and mellow greens
and to admire the imperfect stokes and lines of  your inner artist

can you imagine?
i wonder how we'd feel?
i wonder if at the end of that month
we'd slowly wipe off the red
and brush off the blue
sadly packing away our paints and childlike parts of ourselves
for another year...

or if we'd leave tube of purple on our desk
as a reminder of who we really are....


1 comment:

Coco said...

What a fantastic, gorgeous idea. Thank you for sharing the spark.